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As Fee-Based Financial Advisors, we hold ourselves to the Fiduciary Standard. That means we deliver impartial advice and transparent pricing.

Who We Serve


As a business owner, you realize that you must maximize your financial plan and provide a unique set of benefits for now and the future for your employees. Let us help you achieve that goal by providing sound advice you can lean on.


Knowing how to prioritize your cash flow to pay down debt, save for big goals and set yourself up for success can feel daunting with everything else you have going on, not to mention the temptation to “just live a little.” Let us help execute a plan that helps you capitalize on your opportunities and creates freedom for you, your family and your career.

Established Medical Professionals

Your passionate commitment to your patients requires attention, precision and long hours. It is easy to let planning for your financial future fall by the wayside as you try to enjoy your career and your family. Let our team equip you with a financial plan aimed at empowering you to enjoy the fruits of your labor tailored to your future aspirations and needs. To learn more about our work with Physicians, click here.

Approaching Retirement

Retirement can feel like an overwhelming topic. But doesn’t anything feel that way until we break it down? Let our team simplify your retirement planning so that you can enjoy the years you worked so hard to get to. Focus on your family, fitness, fun, or whatever else you’ve looked forward to for so long – let us handle the finances.

Professional Services Executives

You’ve spent your days serving your clients well. It’s about time somebody served you. Depending on your profession, you probably already know a fair amount about financial services – maybe even just enough to be dangerous. The support, expertise and accountability that can come from our experienced team can be immensely valuable.

Our Approach

Always advising within the context of a holistic plan, we take the time to understand you- your history with money, your current standing, most pressing concerns, and your vision for the future.

From there, we help you get deeper clarity on where you stand, stress-test your existing plan against the future unknowns, and provide our best recommendations based both on what is necessary and what is feasible.

Once we’ve collaboratively identified the right strategy, together, we help you put it into action, iterating on the plan as your life and market conditions change and proactively adjusting as we go.



Arguably, the most important part of a well-executed financial plan is behavior management. Saving money consistently, not letting the emotion of market swings affect your strategy, and connecting the passion for life to your financial priorities will make all the difference in your success.


Nobody likes talking worst case scenarios, but it is a necessary evil of a solid financial plan. Insurance planning should be focused on finding solutions that are efficient, effective and affordable. Being over-insured can be just as harmful as being underinsured, but finding the right amount of the right product for the right time horizon is always the right call.


Constructing a well-diversified portfolio that represents all asset classes is only part of the puzzle. Strategic investment management means reviewing the tax implications of your assets, the account structure, where the investment are held, the timeline we will have to invest, and the purpose of those dollars in your financial plan.


Similar to insurance planning, it’s not always fun to talk about what would happen if the worst actually happened, but that isn’t a reason to avoid it. Removing burden from your loved ones and creating an opportunity for intentional legacy is what a thoughtful estate plan is all about.


So many people want a second pair of eyes on their monthly budget, always asking good questions and checking for “leaks” that may be limiting you from spending money on the things you really want or need. Simple changes in spending habits can have a profound impact long-term.
*Botto Financial and Commonwealth Financial Network does not provide legal or tax advice. An estate plan is implemented only in coordination with a client’s attorney and/or accountant.