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Has anyone else heard a kid yelling/screaming in the background during a ‘virtual meeting’ over the last few weeks? Was it your own kid screaming?

I know I have had quite a few of those occurrences. It has been an interesting part of this time – bringing more of the home life into work. If you have kids, there are some new challenges that we are facing. How do we talk to our kids about COVID-19 in a way that allows them to understand, yet doesn’t make them worry about things out of their control? How can we use this as an opportunity to get closer to our kids?

These are a couple of the questions that I have been wrestling with. I brought on The Expert (certainly in my mind) for these types of questions… none other than my mom, Kim Botto. She also just so happens to help families answer questions like this as her job.

Be sure to listen to the end to hear how grandparents can engage with their grandchildren while still following the social distancing guidelines.